Schedule of upcoming events

Parish Council:

The Council wishes to invite all church members to please consider joining a Ministry of the church and becoming a leader of that Ministry. The main Ministries that we would like to focus on are: Altar Servers, (Especially young men/boys of our church who have made their first Holy Communion & up to high school age). The other is Eucharistic Ministers which are also needed. Please contact us - any Parish Council member - or by calling the office at 445-9763 to let us know if you are willing to actively participate. In a few days the Council will be overseeing the re-doing of the confessional in our church according to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and our Archdiocese of Santa Fe guidelines and recommendations.

Safe Environment Class:

If you are involved in any fashion with our church, it is mandatory to take this class. You may go on-line at to take the class. Please be advised that before taking the class, you will be required to give permission for a background check with no charge to you. You may also call Vickie or the Parish Office to make arrangements to take the class at the Religious Education Building. The library has computers and Vickie can help you if you make an appointment.